30-Day Shape Ups

Let’s Get This Party Started…

An important step in achieving any goal and forming a new habit is to create a plan. After much thought I have created a plan for each of the habits I will be working toward for the next 30 days. This post will summarize the habits and answer two important questions:

  1. What is the new habit I’m focused on forming and what goal will forming this new habit help achieve?
  2. What role will this blog play or how will I use this blog while forming this new habit?

Habit 1 – Mind

The first new habit I’ll be focusing on for my first 30 day Shape up is learning a new career skill. Specifically, I am going to gain know on the topic of Big Data. This habit will begin my path to earning a MCSA (Microsoft Certification Solution Associate) in Machine Learning and my goal of becoming a MCSE (Microsoft Certificated Solution Expert) in Data Management and Analytics. I will use this blog to not only document my progress, but also discuss new concepts I learn, as well as any tips I learn along the way.

Habit 2 – Body

The second habit I will form is to increase my cardio exercise frequency from one to two days a week. This habit will help me take a step towards my larger goal of having a healthier lifestyle. I will use this blog to post any ideas and feedback of the different  approaches I take during this time, if any. At the very least I will include a wrap-up post at the end of the 30 days.

Habit 3 – Soul

The challenge of talking about goals for the soul is, it means something different to everyone. For this mini-series, I will think of it as everything that makes up me, besides my mind and body. The final habit I will form is to go to make sleep a priority. This will be the first of many steps to achieve a more restful and peaceful soul by giving myself permission to rest.

Next Posts….

The next couple of posts will arrive more frequently than usual because these will contain more details around each habit rather than tips and information around the execution of these habits. I hope to have at least two posted this week (sorry for the delay – in retrospect, starting this mini-series during a holiday week was poor planning lol).

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