The Who, What, Why, Where, When & How…

Who is this blog intended for?

Hopefully you’ve stumbled upon this blog because you have an interest in data analytics. This blog is for everyone, whether you are a seasoned Business Intelligence or Data Science professional or a tech enthusiast interested in understanding data analytics a little bit more.

So.. What’s This Blog All About?

There will be a variety of topics covered in the upcoming posts. Basically, whenever I have questions or run into any obstacles within business intelligence, data science or data management, I’ll research the answer and post about it. Whenever I read about a tech or market trend I’ll post about it. Whenever I prove training to anyone or asked a question, I’ll post about the topics. I’ll also try to provide some advise career guidance and advise to anyone new to or thinking about a career in analytics….Like I said a wide variety of topics. My intent is to create a one-stop blog to cover many different topics in data analytics.

Why have this blog anyways?

Well my motivation is simple… Because I would have liked a blog like this when I was getting started in this field. Don’t get me wrong there are a ton of GREAT, well established and reputable blogs on these topics out there, and I will even have a post about some of my favorites. However, I often find myself bouncing around on different blogs depending on my question or specific area of interest.

Where does this information come from?!

Most of my posts will be derived from my past experiences, both from a professional/industry perspective and academic. Other posts will be motivated from information I have researched or stumbled upon from various online and educational resources (in those situations I’ll try to include as much information about where the knowledge can be found as possible).

When will posts be available?

My goal is monthly, but might be more frequently, so be sure to check back often. I will also tweet everytime I publish a new post, so be sure to follow me on twitter: @SQLDataNinja . I also tweet helpful articles and question I have to the community often.

How to get the most value out of this blog?

Browse my tags collection for the different topics discussed, keep an open mind and know there are many ways to skin a cat, so there may be different ways of accomplishing a task – and if you know of any I encourage comments.

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